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Ali Reza Jalali - Curriculum Vitae

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Ali Reza Jalali was born in Italy on January 20, 1985.

In 2013 he started his PhD (Constitutional Law) at the University of Verona (Italy) and in May 2016 he successfully discussed a PhD dissertation on the role of Islamic law in the constitutions of Muslim countries. 
In June 2016 he moved to Iran continuing his academic career as Adjunt Professor at Islamic Azad University and Payam Nour University of Shahrud and Damghan, in Semnan Province.

He is author of numerous scientific articles published in Italian and foreign magazines and sites. He has written some books on issues related to public law and political science, mainly on the topic of the relationship between religion and State. He is also interested in international relations with particular attention to the Middle East. Bildergebnis für ali reza jalali

He has been interviewed on these issues by some of the most important Italian and foreign newspapers. He has held lectures at scientific or university conferences in Italy and abroad. 
He is also active as a legal and commercial consultant at some companies dealing between Iran and Italy. He is a translator, both written and oral, from Persian to Italian and vice versa. 
He is editor at Eurasia. Journal of Geopolitical Studies, president of the International Studies Center Dimore della Sapienza, as well as responsible for the department of legal and political studies of the same institution, and researcher at the Eurasia-Mediterranean Study Center (CESEM). 
Phone, From Europe: 00989360957046 From Iran: 09360957046 

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